All of you are doing a great help to us and the society!!
Aradhna Bhalla – Resident West End Colony
Children leading and showing the way forward, to clean up the mess that WE have created! A truly simple process of recycling and waste management, in each of our homes…can avoid tons of garbage going to the landfills thereby avoiding all kinds of pollution and a better environment for us, and these kids are very inspiring to be spearheading this initiative. Kudos to them
Sonali Amla (PR PUNDIT)
Attended their talk on Saturday. It’s great for children as it’s really the city they’ll inherit. It won’t take much time and will definitely plant new seeds and ideas of segregation. Our garbage is a Huge problem. It’s time we make this a priority and not depend on our municipalities for any real change
Mini Shastri (Yoga Guru)
Such an informative talk. Would really recommend all to attend.
Neha Khattar (Vasant Vihar Resident)
I was amused to see the young generation participating in bringing this change. We must support them by following some simple steps. We all are aware byt very few are actually working at the root level. I appreciate their willingness to preserve natures at such young age. Kudos
Kajal Lohani
Today I attended the very impressive presentation in Shanti Niketan on your recycling initiative. Thank you so much for your efforts!
Science Teacher, American Embassy School
Dr. Richard Frasier Science Teacher, American Embassy School
Thanks. I very much appreciate the presentation and the initiative. It should be followed up in V V right from welfare assn then to each block. I would like the pickup from the next month.
Satish Verma
Brilliant Initiative! So great to see your persistence.
Resident of Shanti Niketan
Carrie Canon Resident of Shanti Niketan
Keep Up the good work boys.
Resident of New Friends Colony
Pooja Bhartiya Resident of New Friends Colony
Wow Great Going!
Sushma Chamaria Dubai
Great Going Vihaan and Nav. So proud!
Vice Chair, The Shri Ram Schools
Vasvi Bharat Ram Vice Chair, The Shri Ram Schools
Vihaan effort made by you in the direction of Segregation of Waste is really applaudable! That too during exam time…No excuses for things which are of prime importance. I live in Delhi Cantt and would be happy if my daughter in grade 6 can join you and do the same in our area.
Resident of Delhi Cantt
Sheetal Malik Resident of Delhi Cantt
This is delightful and gives me sheer joy and hope that Delhi will be better..when our children are aware about the pollution we generate and our working hard to improve it.
Pawan Jindal Journalist
This initiative is started by a 14 year old and 11 year old (this is not a typo). These 2 youngsters have helped me kick start my journey for a zero waste household. I have a long way to go, but their constant guidance is helping me pave the way.
Vasant Vihar Resident
Gurpriya Bagga Vasant Vihar Resident
True to its name, One Step Greener, a fabulous initiative by VIhaan and Nav Agarwal to create awareness on how to effortlessly manage the waste in our homes. And create a greener and cleaner Delhi for ourselves. At Spread a Smile India we look forward to taking that first step with our children towards OneStepGreener. Proud of you boys!
Founder Spread A Smile India
Sangeeta Mehra Founder Spread A Smile India
Thank you for doing this and making the world a better place.
Entrepreneur and Director of Unisources
Latika Kohli Entrepreneur and Director of Unisources
Vihaan you and your vision make us so proud. Hope other kids feel inspired and take it forward and make our cities cleaner and healthier.
Manisha Gera Baswani Artist
Kudos to the young enterprising lads.
Rachna Bagga
There is no stopping an idea whose time has already come. Great initiative!
Sanjay Bhartia
Fantastic Initiative! Fantastic Vihaan and Nav. Keep up the great work.
Simi Bhattacharya Shift
Awesome way to go Vihaan
Washington, USA
Brinda Prakash Washington, USA
Great work by such young kids
Neerja Gupta Jhunjhunwala
Soo proud of you Vihaan SKK!
Arti Anil Lakhani London
Great… initiative for such an alarming issue. Kudos to both the boys….
Shruti Jalan Kolkatta
Great work Vihaan
Amit Chamaria Guwahati
Congratulations! Such an important issue. Well done
Chicago, USA
Vicki Sanders Mordell Chicago, USA
I am so proud of you both for addressing and taking up an issue which is a serious need of this hour…Congratulations!
Food Cloud
Avani Kanoi Food Cloud
You boys are doing amazing things.
Misha Grewal Soni
We are definitely One step greener in Vasant Vihar because of you two.
Anu Malhotra
This is awesome
Seema Dawar
Kudos to these two young boys
Gauri Punj Talwar
Nearly all our plastic, metals, glass, paper, cardboard waste is collected on schedule and recycled by them. Doesn’t end up in the landfill and add to the city’s pollution.
Vasant Vihar Resident
Haripriya Padmanabhan Vasant Vihar Resident