Boxes and Bags for dry waste segregation

Boxes and Bags

It is always easier while separating the waste if we have a proper place to dispose of different products. Keeping boxes and bags for dry waste, like, newspapers, magazines, old school books, glass bottles, tin cans, etc. can prove to be convenient.

Other solid waste like glass, plastic, metal, paper and even certain electronic items can be kept in them till the time of pickup.

Segregation Charts

Segregation Charts

Knowing what to segregate and how is very important at the time of disposal. It is not easy for everyone to remember everything, so we have the chart which explains segregation pictorially. The chart is designed bi-lingual in both Hindi as well as English.



We have stickers which you can affix on your disposal bins to facilitate waste segregation. Putting these stickers in your vicinity can help create awareness about waste disposal. The motive is to provide clear information about different waste separation categories. These stickers are bi-lingual in both Hindi as well as English.



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