Laws and By-Laws

Operationalise segregation at source

Section 4 of the bye-laws emphasises generator’s responsibility to segregate at source. Every waste generator has to segregate waste into three streams: biodegradable (wet waste), non-biodegradable (dry waste) and domestic hazardous waste. These streams of waste are to be stored in colour-coded bins: green, blue and black meant for wet, dry and domestic hazardous waste respectively. Gated colonies, RWAs, hotels and restaurants need to ensure in-situ processing of wet waste as far as possible. The recyclable waste from bulk generators, commercial areas and hotels needs to be collected by authorised waste pickers or recyclers.

User fees and penalty

Under section 11 of the bye-laws, user fee shall be fixed for services like garbage collection, transportation and disposal from waste generators by the MCDs. The MCDs have been asked to evolve a mechanism for collection of user charges within three months of the notification of these bye-laws. Under the bye-laws, penalty shall also be imposed for non-segregation, dumping of solid waste in vacant plots and burning it in the open.

The SWM bye-laws, thus, provides legal teeth to ensure the status of solid waste management in the capital improves. However, the MCDs need to take action on the ground and ensure that the details of the bye-laws are widely disseminated.

Fine shall be levied only once in a month for the following violations

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