Waste Sorting

We recommend keeping your paper, flattened cardboard e-waste in a box and bottles including glass, metals, cans, and plastic to be kept in a bag.

Time to Divide and Conquer Trash

It is advisable to keep the waste that you generate in large quantities in separate boxes as per each category with stickers.

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Emphasis on Segregation

The first step in segregation one needs to take starts at a personal level, our home. Each person needs to know how to separate the waste as this is the very basis of recycling. We should know where to put the kitchen waste and simple facts like, one must never mix wet waste with paper or cardboard. Paper and cardboard can be recycled but mixing wet waste in makes it useless.

We also offer segregation charts that have all the essential information about the first step of segregation. We hold information sessions, not only in schools, corporate and residents but also for slums, village, rag picker colonies and other public places, to encourage the practice of segregation. We use both, Hindi and English language to spread our word.

One Step Greener also has the door to door pick-up facility to collect waste. We are responsible for the recycling of the collected waste, all you need to do is help us collect it in a proper manner.

The important thing is that we all need to pledge to segregate. We at, One Step Greener have simple products to help you segregate such as the recycle box and the recycle bag. The recycle box and recycle bag are made from recycled things,and are reasonably priced to promote frequent use.

Also, our segregation stickers can be put on disposal bins to facilitate waste segregation. The motive is to provide clear information about different waste separation categories. These stickers are bi-lingual in both Hindi as well as English.


An Easy Guide for Waste Segregation